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Bee Removal & Relocation

Bees are amazing creatures! They pollinate our plants, they make honey for us to eat, and they help the environment. But when there is an overpopulation of bees in your backyard or on your property, it can be really scary. You don't want to kill them because you know that would hurt the environment more than just getting rid of them. So what should you do? Call MJC Live Bee Removal in San Diego. Our focus is to safely remove the live bees and relocate for beekeeping whenever possible.

Bee Hive

Beehive Removal

If you have a beehive in your home or at work, call MJC Live Bee Removal to remove it. We will come out and see the job site and provide an estimate. The sooner we can get there, the better. Our work includes removal of bees, honeycombs, frames with bee brood or honey as well as hive parts like tops and bottoms. We also offer inspections for those who are unsure if they even have a colony living on their property!

Free Inspections & Estimates

If you are looking for an affordable way to remove your bee problem, call MJC Live Bee Removal. We offer free inspections and estimates on our services. If you have a bee problem at home or commercial properties, we can get rid of the bees without harming them. There is no need to worry about any damage that may occur while they are there either because we will ensure that all repairs are done before leaving!

The Team at MJC Live Bee Removal
The MJC Live Bee Removal family

About Us

Welcome to our bee family! 

MJC Live Bee Removal is a family-owned and operated company that provides safe, professional live bee removal services in Encinitas, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Escondido, San Diego, and surrounding areas.

We have over 10 years of experience providing live bee removal services for homes and businesses in San Diego, CA.

We specialize in live bee removal from structures such as homes, sheds, barns, commercial buildings, rooftops and more. Our family of experts will remove the bees without harming them or using harmful chemicals for your safety and ours. The goal of MJC Live Bee Removal is to provide an affordable service while at the same time taking care of our environment and living creatures.

Why Choose Us?


We love bees and the environment so we safely remove live bees from your home, property or business.

Roof Repairs

Bees love to hide on your roof and cause major damage. Don't worry! We also repair damaged roofs caused by bees & beehives.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

We are licensed and insured beekeepers able to safely and humanely remove honeybee colonies from your property.

30 Day Warranty

We guarantee our work for 30 days!

Customer Testimonial

Jocelyn N.
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My parents had a huge swarm of bees located in their back yard that grew quickly! Within a couple hrs MJC was able to come and fix the situation that very same day. Im deeply impressed with their service ! Very professional and reliable people
Big Swarm of Bees in San Diego, CA
Swarm of Bees

Some of Our Work

Relocating bees from a residence to a new bee-friendly environment
Live Bee Removal at apartments
Removing live bees from apartments
Old bee hive inside a chimney
Old hive inside chimney