Eco-Friendly Live Bee Removal Services in San Diego, CA

Do You Have a Bee Problem at Home?

Old bee hive inside a chimneyBees are not only beautiful but they also play an important role in the environment. However, when bees get into your home, things can become dangerous and it is best to contact a professional bee removal company such as MJC Live Bee Removal that will be able to safely remove them from your home.

When you have bees in your house there are many benefits of getting rid of them immediately by contacting professionals who know how to do so without damaging any part of the structure or hurting themselves in the process. The most notable benefit is safety for both people and pets living in or around the location where bees have made their residence. If you try to handle this yourself (without calling an expert) there’s a good chance that you may end up getting stung. If you have any pets such as dogs or cats around, they may easily get bitten as well even if the bees aren’t aggressive.

There is also a possibility that your home could be damaged if left unattended and not removed quickly enough by professional eco-friendly beekeepers who know what they’re doing and will be able to safely remove bees from your home regardless of whether they’re honeybees or a different variety.

The professionals at MJC Live Bee Removal offer safe bee removal without harming the structure, equipment, or people. Call us today to have your bees removed quickly and safely!

MJC Live Bee Removal provides live bee removal in San Diego County at affordable rates for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We are San Diego’s leading bee control company, and we provide live bee removal and relocation services. Our trained specialists can safely remove bees from your home or business without damage to the structure, people, or pets. We are dedicated to providing safe and effective bee removal service at affordable rates for all types of properties throughout San Diego County.

Removal of Live Bees at Commercial Properties

Live Bee RemovalIf you have been looking for a way to increase the safety of your business, then removing bees from your property may be the answer. Bees are known to cause allergic reactions in people and can also affect productivity when they swarm a building. Not only that, but their honeycombs attract pests like ants and wasps which is even more dangerous! So what’s better than getting rid of these pests? Keeping them away with our service! We will remove bees from properties with one call – it’s that easy.

Hiring a professional live bee removal service is the best way to keep bees off your property for good! MJC Live Bee Removal offers a service to commercial properties that will remove bees from any of your structures and make sure they stay away with a one-time treatment.

Why wait to remove bees from your commercial property? Let us take care of it for you! We will come out, diagnose the problem, and safely remove all bees from your structures – guaranteed! Our years of experience mean that we have seen every kind of bee problem and will be able to stop your bees dead in their tracks. We will work with you directly to ensure that the bees are removed, sent off, and stay away for good!

Think it’s impossible? Think again! Our live bee removal process is an easy way to get rid of bees from commercial properties. It starts with a phone call or email to consult about your bee situation and set up a time for us to come by. We’ll do an inspection and once we see exactly where they are, we selectively remove them from your property until we gather them all up. Once the bees are removed, they will be sent off to a new home.

Drywall & Roof Repairs from Bee Damage

Drywall Repair due to Bee HiveAt MJC Live Bee Removal we also do repairs to the structure of a building. We do this by removing sections of damaged material and replacing them with new drywall or other approved materials. We will remove all live bees nesting inside the walls, attic, or ceiling space. Repairs to a roof of a building. We do this by removing all the old shingles and replacing them with new ones. All bees nesting inside or under the structure are removed and the area is treated for reinfestation. Repairs to asphalt shingle roofs which means we remove any loose, missing, or damaged shingles from your existing roof and install new asphalt shingles.

Repairs to metal roofs such as removing missing granules and replacing them with new ones. All bees nesting inside or under the structure are removed and the area is treated for reinfestation. Repairing of damaged decks, patios, and porches; we remove any loose, missing, or damaged material allowing us to observe any damage to the underlying structure. We then replace the damaged material with new treated lumber allowing you to use your deck, patio, or porch again. Repairs to roofs of dumpster enclosures; removing old shingles and installing new ones that are insecticide dipped.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, don’t hesitate to call MJC Live Bee Removal.

Bee Proofing & Prevention

Bees love to hide in dark, secluded areas. That’s why it’s important to bee proof your home or business in San Diego, CA.

Bee proofing is the process of making your home or business bee-proof so that they can’t get in. There are many different ways to bee proof your home or business, and MJC Live Bee Removal can help you find the best solution for you.

We offer bee proofing services in San Diego, CA, and we can also help you prevent bees from coming back. We have many years of experience with bee removal and prevention, and we know how to get the job done right.

Wasp & Nest Removal in San Diego County

Dealing with a wasp problem can be a huge pain, not to mention dangerous. It’s hard to find a reliable solution that takes care of the problem without putting yourself at risk.

We’ve all been there – trying to get rid of wasps on our own and getting stung in the process. It’s frustrating and can even put you in harm’s way.

That’s why MJC Live Bee Removal is here to save the day! Our team of experts specializes in removing not only bees but wasps and their nests too. Say goodbye to those pesky creatures and let us handle the dangerous work for you. Give us a call in San Diego for a free quote and finally be wasp-free!

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